Wednesday, March 31, 2004

More On Sneakery (Not to be confused with Moron Sneakery)

Though I wouldn't blame anyone who feels the latter is better phrased. So, I only had one response to my truth or dare-like request, but it was a good one.

PATRICK said I should sneak out onto the stage in a large scene of a Broadway show. I think it sounds like a delightful idea. The only problem is that I don't know any Broadway shows and am not familiar with any large scenes in any current Broadway shows. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is going to require a bit of research. My friend David thinks that if I do it, I will get arrested. I think that sounds like horse shit, but even if I do get arrested, I don't think I'd have a problem with going to jail for reasons of art.

I did get arrested once a few years ago for non-art related reasons (unless you can find art in not paying an old moving violation ticket, which technically, I probably could if I was asked to...) That was back when I was much more sensitive and I cried, but mostly because I had no money and I had to bail my boyfriend out of jail. (He got arrested too for an old failure to appear warrant he'd received for pissing on the platform of the PATCO train in Jersey. Isn't the PATCO train platform made up of 45% piss and other bodily fluids anyway?)

So, if you know of a good scene in a Broadway play where a bunch of people are out on the stage, lemme know. (A play that is going on right now.) E-mail it to me, please. Don't put it on the bulletin board. I want to try to keep it under wraps which show I end up going to, if I do go at all. I have grand ideas that sometimes flatulate themselves out before I get a chance to do them. Not that I wimp out or anything, more that I am just very busy constantly coming up with new ideas and projects and forgetting about the old ones. You know how it is, genii.

NOTE ON GENII: Is that the plural of genius? Can it be as of now? Let's try to make it spread. Sort of like the way kids of the future will be spelling the word ludicrous ludacris after the rapper. That's how things will be done in the future. Entries in the dictionary will consist of slang and names of bands and celebrities which used to be commonly used words in the english language but now represent something else.

In other news, I have now found a new place to live and it is a cute little set-up. I am living in the Lower East Side with a very sweet, nice, polite, attractive actor boy/man named Alex. I think we will get along famously, provided he doesn't get famous before I do, and probably even so. His mom used to date Bob Dylan. That's pretty cool. Of course, (do you even have to ask?) it's a 4 story walk up. I am convinced that people don't live on the first story of buildings. I think the landlords use those apartments as storage units or venues for illegal and morally questionable activities, such as chicken-fighting parties or college girl call girl agencies. (Is agency the right word to use there?)

I was walking up 6th Avenue the other day and who should I come across but Vincent Pastore, aka Big Pussy of The Sopranos. I was an extra in a film that he was in a few years ago (also starring Colin Quinn and Woody Allen, it was called Last Laugh At Pips and was filmed at Pips Comedy Club down in the bottom tip of Brooklyn. I never heard anything about it ever again) and we met and talked briefly, so I felt that it would be a great idea for me to go over to him and talk to him, you know, for old time's sake. I handed him my CD and he said he'd play it on his new radio show, which is on WVOX (AM 1460) in New Rochelle, NY, Tuesday mornings at 11 AM. I said, "Well, it's dirty." He didn't seem to mind. "Do you know who I am?" He asked. "Yes," I said, then ran away, feeling pretty dumb for having just walked up to him and handed him my CD. But those are the kinds of things I do. Who knows if it hurts or helps me to be so bold, but if it hurts me, at least I made an effort and got burned, instead of doing nothing and dying poor anyway.

I didn't hear the show to see if he'd played any tracks or even talked about it. But I did spend the day sneaking into free movies. I saw Spartan (by David Mamet starring Val Kilmer, just OK) and I saw Dogville (Lars von Trier, starring Nicole Kidman, better than Spartan, but again, just OK. It's been called Trier's best work to date, which I can't discount necessarily, and the message was somewhat cryptic, but also transparent, if that makes any sense, but the best part of the movie was the surprise ending, which was really delightful, though I had predicted it. I was mostly just delighted that my prediction came true, against my theory that it would end in a much different, much cheesier way. That was the actual surprise, that the movie didn't end shitty, the way most do.

So, that's the news. The weather is kind of depressing. It's raining (or drizzling, as they say) and a bit cold. I'm wearing jeans though, and some bad ass sneakers, so I'm dressed for no mess. Watch out, ma nature.

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