Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Bilge Baron, Mr. Brooke Shields, Bilge Byron and the ghost drummer will be taking the stage this Thursday in an underground recording studio space, a cozy little hole at 180 Orchard St. just south of Houston. The show is $2 suggested donation and features new fear-metal band, Haunted Pussy.

Interesting point about Haunted Pussy - someone supposedly commented of HP that they were like "Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin meets Heart." Well, Haunted Pussy, it turns out, with a little bit of research, is the name of a movie, as was Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin's song, "Stairway to Heaven." The band insists it was an accident. Says Bilge Byron, "Bilge and I made up the name in a bathroom." Cool.

I don't know about y'all, but I always loved Led Zeppelin and Heart the most. I liked Black Sabbath, too, and Jethro Tull and Joni Mitchell and a lot of other classic rock that makes me seem even more like the hippy that I swear I'm not, but, I'm not, I swear. But, I really just liked Led Zeppelin and Heart. Both bands songs featured haunting and spooky melodies and lyrics and a little bit of mysterious sexuality that made you totally want to take lsd and fuck your high school science teacher. But, who hasn't had thoughts like that? I love science. And the men who teach it. And Led Zeppelin. And Heart.

They're playing on Thursday, July 29th at 7 pm, doing 20 minute sets every half hour. The show is $2 suggested donation and I think if you like scary with your metal, you'll dig Haunted Pussy. (More info on Haunted Pussy at:)

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