Sunday, September 5, 2004

SUNDAY is supposed to be a day of rest
by Jessica Delfino


I am leaving here on or around October 15th to head up to Massachusetts to pick up a car in Boston, then drive it down to Tampa, Florida where it's owner is going to meet me and pay me, provided I deliver the car in one solid running piece. I will be stopping in some cities along the way to perform, meet some people, peddle my CDs and other wares, and perhaps even sleep over at your house. (Maybe eat some snacks, too, and shower in the morning.) So, if you happen to live in or near one of these cities:


or any other place in between basically Boston and Tampa, and you know of a cool show, bizarre event, or music or comedy festival of some kind, or have a tip where I could find some information, even if you could just suggest a neat venue that I could perform at, please e-mail me and let me know about it, and I'll look into adding it to my growing collection of pit stops. If you're interested in coming to see a show, check back here around the beginning of October and I'll have added a link with details about where you can find this roving folk rockstress.


At Bowery Poetry Club, tomorrow, Monday night, there is a songslam at 7:00 pm. I won the last one (#8) but I'm going to go and cheer on Touching You, who will be in this one. On Dec.14th, there will be a big songslam off. The show tomorrow night is free, and if you want to, you can be a judge. They give you cards with the numbers on them like it's the olympics. You can give people like, 4.6's or 8.2's or whatever they deserve according to you. It's like you're god.


The Madagascar Institute is a group of multi-talented plurally-faceted artists who can build, weld, construct, sew, and do just about anything else it seems. They have these neat parties where they build their own rides and toys and games and you can come in and see what they do with their free time. They had a party last night in Carrol Gardens. They sold cheap, strong booze for $2 a cup, we played BINGO which was so fun, I almost could see why old people love it so much, they gave out free heaping bowls of spaghetti with marinara sauce (delish!) and they had a little confessions booth where you could write your confessions in a book. The funnest event of the evening was the talent competition. A girl got up and did a cheer, cheerleader style, another girl named every article or preposition or some other kind of special group of words in record speed, some guy did some math calculations, Touching You sang "When A Widow Gets Fucked," his song about how the whole town rejoices when a widow finally goes back to her regular life and quits mourning. I told three dirty jokes. I was actually pretty surprised to win, but I did win. My prize was an AWESOME hat that Jason had made, a ski mask with a skeleton face sewed onto the outside of it. It was very crafty, and it inspired me to want to start sewing more stuff. Interesting side note: I told the emcee to tell people to come see Haunted Pussy next Saturday night at the Bowery Poetry Club (10 pm) and a bunch of the people there were familiar with Haunted Pussy, because they'd come to the cemetary show. But several of them were very pissed, they said that they went to the cemetary show and when they found out it was fake, they turned right around and left before the show even started! They said they were disappointed it wasn't a real cemetary. I was very surprised that a group of artist builders wouldn't appreciate the fact that the cemetary featured in the Haunted Pussy show was built from scratch, and that each tombstone was delicately designed and handcrafted by a human artist. But, still, they were very bugged by the fakeness of it, insisting that they were duped.

Haunted Pussy is having another cemetary show at a fake cemetary that is made out of a grassy knoll, a park, cardboard, and strategically placed lights. It looks very cool, it feels very authentic, it is very playful and creative. I was impressed myself. As a matter of fact, if Madagascar Institute feels so slighted, maybe they should come forward and offer their services to either a) help Haunted Pussy find a REAL cemetary to play in where the fence isn't 14 feet high and topped off by a body-impaling iron arrow, or b) help Haunted Pussy make the fake cemetary they have even COOLER. Are you up to the challenge Madagascar?

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