Wednesday, September 8, 2004

by Jessica Delfino

On Monday, (Labor Day) I was kidnapped on a boat. Chris said we were going to take a ride on his friend Harry's boat, which we did, and it was truly amazing. The water was a bit rough and I was sort of scared, because Harry drives that boat like it's indestructable, and says scary things like, "This boat will never tip! The hull is hard as a rock!" You know, things that would totally temp fate to fuck our asses up. We were supposed to be back by 7 pm, but at 6:30, we were just off the coast of Connecticut. The sun started setting and we were sitting at a shoreside restaurant somewhere far away. I began to realize that I was probably not going to be home by 7 pm for the songslam that I was going to accompany Chris to. Chris seemed pretty drunk and not to upset about missing it, so I decided I didn't mind, either. But when Harry asked me if I was up for taking the boat all the way around Long Island and back to his house, I realized that it didn't matter if my answer was yes or no, the answer would be yes in his head, and I was about to be kidnapped on a boat.

We rode in almost complete darkness out along some coast with Bridgeport, CT. straight ahead in the distance. It was very choppy and I was pretty scared. I kept seeing the boat smash into a buoy or a rock in my mind's eye and hoped that we wouldn't be too far from shore for me to swim. We rode for a few hours until it became pitch black. The moon was hiding and we were relying completely on sonar or whatever to find buoys and other boat destroyers. We eventually made it into Port Jefferson at 10 pm. The library is now closing. I'll finish the story later.

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