Sunday, September 12, 2004

by Jessica Delfino

Last night, I went to see Jennifer Blowdryer's play, "White Trash Debutante" at the Bowery Poetry Club. I thought it was written quite well, it was funny, touching, dark and the live band was awesome. Jennifer Blowdryer is one of my favorite "get up and read shit" writers who performs at Show N Tell. I also really like Rev Jen reading her stuff. Tom Nevin still wins first place as my favorite writer though, for having penned the best birthday poem I ever received.

After the play there was an afterparty. Andrew Katz, Milton Katz, Touching You, Haunted Pussy, Diane Langan and others performed. It was really terrific. Diane's rich girl jokes were absolutely hysterical and Milton's set was a work of disturbed genius. Touching You's sets are always loveable and terrific, I just adore him. Andrew, again, A+.

Today, I didn't get much done. I just read my comments boards from the last entry and was disturbed on several levels. I wrote a comment back to every single person who wrote. So, go see what I wrote to YOU if you wrote a comment in the last entry.

Tomorrow, Monday, I'm performing at The Village Lantern at 8 pm and again at the Frying Pan at 9:45. Haunted Pussy plays at 11 pm at the Frying Pan. Afterwards, I'll go patronize Show N Tell, my favorite weekly show in NYC. If you're a performer who doesn't suck, go to Show N Tell and perform. It's always packed, it's $3, and it's fun as hell. If you do suck, go and watch people who don't (alongside people who do.)

This was really more journal entry than blog masterpiece. But, they can't all be blindingly awesome, now can they? I guess they can, but just not the ones I do.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you have an illness or a mental problem, take a multi-vitamin and pray, but not to God, because he doesn't exist.

TIP OF THE DAY #2: Whenever you are feeling sad, make sure to look in a mirror (one that has no cracks, also Windex it first, and don't use the bathroom mirror because there's a chance that someone could have just done a turd and it could be very smelly in there, this is supposed to be a serene experience, dammit) and say: "I'm feeling sad because I am a terrible, miserable person." If you don't start to feel better immediately, you probably truly are a terrible, miserable person.

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