Monday, October 18, 2004

Change of Plans

I'm not going to Florida after all for personal reasons. If you follow my blog, look into your crystal balls and I bet you can guess why quite easily.

Last night in Philly after I decided not to go to Florida for my personal reasons, I walked by the TLA and saw that the Libertines were playing, so I asked the Libertines to give me a ride back up to NYC. They were going to Boston and not NYC, but they hooked me up with a lovely couple, Kelly and Toby, and their friend Alex who lived right in NYC. I got a ride with them and we talked the whole ride home about music, as they were employs of Rough Trade Records. I don't know much about Rough Trade, only that The Moldy Peaches and the Libertines are on there.

The lead singer of the Libertines looks like a young Jimmy Page (before Jimmy Page started to look asian) and his girlfriend looks just like him. They are a very becoming little couple of Jimmy Page look alikes.

I asked Kelly and Alex what music they heard recently that they just loved, and they said they loved The Fiery Furnaces and Arcade Fire. I also got into a debate with Alex about Led Zeppelin. I love them, Alex hates them. We got home at 3 am and I immediately fell into a deep, troubled sleep.

I wrote a shitty poem to give the feelings about cancelling my trip to Florida, the ones living in my brain and belly, a home elsewhere.

The Pain of No Plane

It's good to be back in the NYC
Though I wanted to see the sand and the sea
But that's not the way things oft work out for me
my plans got messed up, now I'm in the city

I wanted to go down there and get sunned up
I wanted to get out of here and re-up
That is a word, oh, that means to re-fill
I'm empty but will not refill with a pill

Clean air called to me, and a room by the bay
And fun times that were to ensue all the day
I planned to sing some wrong songs out loud for pay
to Florida folks who don't come here to feel gay

Sorry family, sorry mom, I am bad
I am the worst daughter that ever was had
And not a good sister, my sisters would say
I love them, but guess I must stay far away

*gay in the way where gay used to mean happy, not guy on guy action gay*

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