Wednesday, December 15, 2004

People are interesting and stuff...

by Jessica Delfino

Every day, all day long, I meet people I wish I hadn't. This city seems to be teeming with reams of weiners. So, it's always fascinating to me when I stumble upon really amazing, interesting people -- and they're right underneath my shapely, romanesque nose.

Tonight, I performed at PS.122 on the WYSIWYG show, a spritely, fun show that features blog writers doing themed performances - this episode was called, "Happy God Damn Holidays". It was a terrific show, with some performers who I know and appreciate, but none who I felt particularly close to (with the exception of Dan Fishback, who has been a gracious recurring character lately in my life).

(I don't want to talk too much about the show, because that's not what this story is about, but it was a really note-worthy show, and definitely deserves the credit, so quickly, a little about the show:

Phoebe Croix opened the show playing folk-styled songs on her guitar, winning the crowd instantly with her adorable demeanor and smart lyrics. Dan Fishback followed her playing his guitar and singing, a non-musical musician played the nose flute, a gay choir serenaded everyone, the Hazzards softly rocked it, and I performed on behalf of the Secular Voices of Heaven's Horizon, my new anti-holiday holiday cheer chorus project.)

It was a great show that I really enjoyed being a part of, and it was especially satisfying to see performers who I know and respect, one after the other go on stage and delight the audience. After the show, there was an after party at a bar on St. Mark's near Avenue A called Open Air Lounge. Yeah, if you like your open air stale.

(This story isn't about how shitty this bar was, either, but it seems somewhat pertinent to the story, so, here goes:

The place was boxy and dark with shitty music playing in the background just loudly enough to keep anyone from having carefree, convenient conversation. The furniture was awkward and spread out in a stupid way so that you could only talk to the person you were sitting directly next to.)

I felt bad, but I was totally not digging the place at all, and I wanted to go somewhere I could sit and talk to people in a non uptight scenario. So, I left and went with Dan over to Frig Dog or whatever the place is called just a few doors up from Open Air Bar. It's a cool hotdog joint on St. Marks. There, Phoebe Croix, Lippy and the dude I always see at Sidewalk but never get his name were playing PAC-MAN(!) at one of those sit-down two-seater Pac-Man tables. They had a bunch of TV's and the place was clean and fun with toys hanging on the walls, and a hundred different hot dog and french fry treats, even veggie dogs!!! I practically ran to the counter to order a veggie dog covered in onions and tomatos, a root beer and an order of TATER TOTS!!! Fucking awesome.

(SHIT - side note again: Dan and I had run across the street really quickly before we went into Open Air Bar and ordered food from some vegan bakery. We had to wait a long time for it - he ordered lasagna and I ordered a huge chunk of butter nut squash. They were both gross and we felt cheated and still hungry. There's nothing I hate more than wasting food and wasting money, and I ended up doing both!)

SO, Frig Dog or whatever was just what I NEEDED. (Plus, they have a HUGE cooler of water with cups out on the counter for anyone to help themselves to. EVERY RESTAURANT should do that.) We sat there and ate our delicious hot dogs and tater tots, sipping root beers and chocolate shakes, watching the news (the story about the poor hawks who got evicted) and laughing at eachother's quips and jokes. Phoebe was thrillingly interesting, taking an African dance class, insisting that she's the best one in it, Dan is having virginal gay issues and at 23 is so cute, I'd like to pinch his penis! And Lippy is just funny, he's so scruffy and laid back, and the guy who's name I never got was super clever and silly, and a lot of fun to be around. (I think his name is Dibs, but I keep not re-asking).

I have seen these people a bunch of times here or there, and we've shared brief conversation, but it was good to be able to sit with them and get to know them better, because I learned they are non-shitheads, and that's such a rare, wonderful treat.

Even if you meet a non-shithead once a day, think of all the shitheads that you meet once a day. Jesus.

And not only did I meet a bunch of cool, smart folks, but the place we were at was very neat and smart. I wish every business was run like that. After the news, the boss guy put in a DVD - Pirates of the Carribean, and even let me use the bathroom, which was in the back in the kitchen. Normally, that bathroom would be off limits in NYC. SORRY! NO BATHROOM!!!

I wish I could always be surrounded by bright, funny people. Entertain me, god dammit! Please? Distract me from my life...and yours...

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