Thursday, March 31, 2005

Little Inanimates TM Morsels

(Little Inanimates Morsels are stories with morals based around inanimate objects or creatures which do not exist. Yet, you can learn something from them!)

Hiddy The Walnut With Wings

Hiddy was a walnut with wings. But poor Hiddy was in a wheelchair. It would make Hiddy so sad to see all the other nuts - playing, jumping, running around getting all saturated in their own oils, while he was stuck in his un-fun machine. It made him feel like he was forced to sit in the bad seat, like they had at school. What he wouldn't give to get up and walk over to sit in the bad seat now.

To make things even worse, Hiddy didn't even have wheels on his wheelchair, as his parents were poor and could only afford cinderblocks. So, day after day, Hiddy would sit in his chair in the front lawn, like a broken down car or a flamingo yard ornament.

Hiddy knew he had the capability to do great things. He dreamed of someday being an astro-nut, or a jar of Jiffy brand peanut butter, while all his friends only had aspirations of being a generic brand. He would always say, "I am the walnut! Goo goo ga chew!" After his favorite Meatles song. The Meatles were his favorite band, and he dreamed of even having one half the nutmeat that the Meatles had.

His mother and guidance counselor and physical therapist would always tell him to be strong and brave. "Be strong and brave," his guidance counselor said every day. "For you may grow up to be anything. You could even be Jesus, if you put your mind to it."

He thought about that - "Hm. I could be Jesus." But he decided he'd rather work on being someone else. Like himself, but not in a wheelchair.

So, he decided to start exercising. Every day, he'd pump vitamins and nutrients into his little nut body. He'd put his little nuttles on top of the cinder block and push himself up and let himself down out of the chair, the way you've seen people do when they work out in prison films. He'd do sit downs, which are like sit ups, but you lean down instead of up. And he'd wish and hope.

Eventually, one day, his arms were so strong, he was able to lean over and push himself and his whole chair up into the air and walk on his hands. He realized that his arms could be his new legs, and immediately "ran" inside to put shoes on his hands.

His mother was so surprised to see him moving around, she dropped the dishes she was washing and started jumping for joy.

"Mother, don't cry!" he said, wishing he was strong enough to balance on one hand so he could wipe her oily eye discharge away from her eyes. "I'm a man, now," he said. And mother nut knew it was true.

The moral of this story is, if you're in a wheelchair with no wheels, you have to try to find some other way to get around. Also, if you have wings but you can't use your legs, you should try to fly.

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