Thursday, April 28, 2005

ALL YOU CAN TAKE - cancelled

I've finally had all I can take and cancelled my weekly show at Apocalypse Lounge. This show started out okay and quickly nosedived once Time Out NY refused to list the show anymore, showing just how important it is to get your shows listed in NYC.

Joe Grossman, where are you? I miss the days of a fairer, more honest Time Out NY comedy listings, not to mention, simply decent writing. For example - read the page long article on Flight Of The Conchord, and one would have to be 100% idiotic to not notice the cock craving that went on in that "story." I saw FOTC at CBGB's, and they were there, alright.

Note to Jane Borden: Are you a total fraud? I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but every interaction I've ever had with you has been disappointing, at best.

However, I can't completely blame Jane Borden, and all the Jane Bordens who write for magazines all over NYC.

The playing field is uneven and always will be. A friend and I were talking about this today, and yesterday and every day before that for the last two years or so. I wonder if it helps you as a performer if you are an executive at Comedy Central. I wonder if it helps you as a performer if you have a close friend who writes for the NY Times. I wonder if it helps you as a performer if you went to Harvard, Columbia, or NYU. I wonder if it helps you as a performer if your dad is a famous anything. Probably not. It's all most likely based solely on talent and drive.

or NOT!

Isn't it interesting how the sons and daughters of famous actors and actresses grow up to be famous as well? Genetics are amazing!

Fun fact: Did you know that you can buy fame? They sell it at the whore store.

Everyone has to struggle a certain amount in this business, but there's a difference between simply struggling and eating a daily can of shit flavored cheese whiz.

But this anecdote gives me hope: I sold 18 CDs at a show I did last night. I came home and did some heavy thinking. If I'd sold 18 CDs through Virgin Megastore, I'd get paid 30 cents per CD. But I get to actually touch every single CD that I sell. I get to look at every person who buys a CD from me and say "thank you." And then I get to put each one of those $5 directly into my pocket.

That's important to me, even if it is kind of gay.

So, I shall relish this time of anonymity, as I know I will miss it someday.

And I'll try not to hate shady writers and promoters, as I know that they are simply cogs in a machine that is more powerful than they are. Thank god I have managed thus far to avoid that machine.

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