Thursday, April 28, 2005


I don't mind if someone insults me on my comment board. I don't remove the comments, I don't cry. But I don't like when people write negative comments ANONYMOUSLY on my blog. I put this comment board up so that actual people can write actual comments. If you comment anonymously, you are a coward and do not get to share your opinions with me or my readers, because I don't CARE what COWARDS have to say. I don't care if you write good or bad comments, but OWN UP TO WHAT YOU WRITE, and stop living your life like a SPINELESS SHIT! (*Please use this advice in all aspects of your life. It will make your life much better, and make people actually respect you, as currently, they most likely do not.*)

To my Potentially Former Friend: If you write negative comments IN SECRET about me, you AREN'T my friend. My friends don't fear the repercussions of being honest with me.

If you would like to write a negative comment on my blog in the future, please use your REAL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS (unless I know you, Captain Hilarious) or simply do not comment on my blog. Please respect my very simple request, or your comment will be deleted.

I HATE deleting comments, so please - naysayers - just own up to your comments.

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