Monday, June 27, 2005


I forgot how very important it truly is. I had breakfast for the first time in a while today. I normally don't rise until 11 o' noon, but today I woke up early because a Fed Ex guy rang my buzzer with a package. I never trust people who ring my buzzer if I'm not expecting visitors. So, of course, I assumed it was a rapist or a robber. I said, "Hello?" The person responded with a muffled grumbled "Fed Ex" but I wasn't buying it. Fed Ex never delivers stuff to my house. I'm not important enough to be getting Fed Exed packages.

So, I tested him. "Fed Ex, huh? Well, then who's the package for?" There was silence for a minute, then he responded, "I can't hear you." Ha! I thought. Totally a criminal's response. So, I buzzed him in. In the end, my curiosity of what was in the package overrode my fear of getting raped / robbed. Plus, I had a chain across my door. What was he gonna do, kick my door open? Probably easily. But my overwhelming curiosity took precedence.

Imagine my delight when a man wearing an actual Fed Ex costume came to my door with a real live package. His outfit seemed legitimate, so I let him in. He asked me to sign the package. I did. He left. I sighed a sigh of relief!

Then...the phone rang. My friend asked me to go eat breakfast. I did. It was delish. We had eggs and salad. That's what skinny girls eat for breakfast. If the Fed Ex man hadn't rang the buzzer, I wouldn't have been awake to answer the phone (which is strategically located far from my bed so I either won't answer it if it rings or once I answer it will have to get up because I'll be "up.")


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