Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What's going on in Jessica Delfino's Brain on Wednesday, June 29th at 9:25 pm:

You can mother-find anything in the trash. My friend threw away a big, nice, working TV today. He also threw away shit he shat out.

Is there anyone in the world who still doesn't have an Ipod? If there is, will someone tell him that the trend is old enough that it's okay to buy one now? Oh, that person is me.

Are you supposed to spell Ipod a special way? Like, capital I lowercase pod, or lower case i, capital pod?

Is there a god? Does he have a pod?

I ate tomatoes and mozzarella on onion rolls for lunch today. And I complain about being poor. (Mostly just to other poor people.)

Who invented the pen? Were the person who invented the stapler and the person who invented the paper clip friends or enemies? Were they contemporaries?

Contemporary Enemy is a good name for a shitty rock band from Nebraska.

I shot the sherriff, twice, with a water gun full of my own urine. But I didn't shoot the deputy. Yet.


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