Tuesday, August 9, 2005

OTTTBLOLWSIFOL (Other Things To Type Besides LOL When Something Is Funny On Line)
by Jessica Delfino

I think it's a really good idea to stop using "LOL" unless you are trying to explain that after you wrote or read something in an email, you actually and truly LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

For example, I wrote something to someone in an email, and then wrote LQTM, which means LAUGHED QUIETLY TO MYSELF. Because that's what I did.


sol - sort of laughing
nlao - not laughing at all
gaol - giggling annoyingly out loud
coapoc - choking on a piece of corn
lshism - laughing so hard i shit myself
slapbmpntmtwtgpwtl - snorting loudly and publicly because my parents never told me that was the grossest possible way to laugh
garme - groaning and rolling my eyes
atcsbmbaomatb - about to commit suicide because my bills are overwhelming my ability to breathe

...and so on.

Try it today!

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