Sunday, November 27, 2005


I finally got comments working on my blog again! Or more accurately, a friend of mine finally got comments working on my blog again...but if no one minds, I'll just take the credit myself.

I bet the people who used to write really mean comments on my blog all the time have been going out of their MINDS! What did you meanies do during that time? Did you write mean things on other people's blogs? Did you get OTHER, NEW hobbies? What did you DO with yourselves??? I bet it drove you CRAZY to just have to simply read and ENJOY the awesome writing on this blog without being able to HATE on me! But it's all fixed now! And tis the season to be assholes, so insult away!

And by the way, I don't necessarily mind getting negative feed back, but I'd especially enjoy it if it were accurate, and not just a shameless pack of lies! For example, everyone knows my butt is bootylicious and like an ice cream sunday of pure sunshine.

So..., I was talking to my boyfriend the other day, and he said, "What's the first thing you'd do if you had a penis?" And I said, "That's easy. I'd pee on the walls!"

(That's something vaginas can't do...or not easily, anyway.)


Anonymous said...

The first thing I'd do if I had a vagina is take it out to dinner. We'd talk and talk, not really saying much of import, more of a "getting to know you" kind of chatter. We would talk of life, love, poverty. The other restaurant-goers would be suspicious of me as I sat looking down at my pantless self, talking (but listening more than talking). To those not-in-the-know-about-my-recently-acquired-vagina restaurant-goers I would think, "Poor unfortunate souls."

After dinner we'd probably just hang out.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I would do if you had a penis, would be to fulfill some of my transsexual fantasies.

I would be the stranded captive astronaut and you would be the ruler of Zebulon 5. You would be tough on me, but also have a tender caring side.

Never teh bride said...

One does not urinate out of one's vagina, dahling. It's not ladylike.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're ugly.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the above. You have a gamine quality.

Anonymous said...

No No No, you are truly ugly.

Anonymous said...

He doth protest too much. Your beauty, whilst perhaps unconventional, certainly gives one pause.