Thursday, December 1, 2005

THE SECULAR VOICES OF HEAVEN'S HORIZON... my holiday band that sings songs about holiday topics! They're like Christmas carols without the crappiness and cloying holiday spirit of dorky carols. They're cloying all in their own way!

Here are some of our hits:

XMAS IS ILLEGAL - discusses Christmas's breach of separation of church and state laws.
CLEAN YOUR CHIMNEY - asks folks to make the chimney tidy for Santa's descent
ASIAN SNOWMAN - tells the story of a snowman made of yellow snow.
CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS KWANZA? - inquires about the "black" holiday celebration growing in popularity.
A DIAMOND SOMEDAY - an optimistic viewpoint from a recipient of a lump of coal.
IT'S A STU-STU-STUTTERING CHRISTMAS - this song celebrates the joys of the season for one family of stutterers.

There are 12 songs on the CD, and also on the CD are the karaoke version of the tracks and a copy of lyrics so you and your family can sing your own holiday carols!

This CD is a lot of fun, and will make a terrific Christmas gift - much better than a GAP gift certificiate. You can order CDs (which are $5) by emailing me at

Mushy Crustmas, everyone!


Fai said...

I read your other blog. Very informative and interesting at the same time. I read it all up :P

Thanks and keep writing!

Jack Ang said...

Hey Jessica, Jack from Singapore. How's your going? By the way, I will like to get ur CD but I'm not sure about the shipping price.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess...

Has anyone ever told you that you're a...