Saturday, December 17, 2005


Vitamin C spicy candy drops by VICKS can help you from getting a cold!

Drinking lots of water will make you rich!

Buying lottery tickets increase your odds of winning the lottery!

Singing in the shower makes you homosexual!

Jack Black for President!

Dark chocolate is low in calories, good for your heart, and adds 26 years to your life!

Brushing your teeth gets rid of gingivitis and helps you get laid!

Day jobs are for people with no imagination!

Music helps plants grow!

Watching Conan O'Brien increases your IQ!

Reading blogs makes the work week seem up to 56% shorter!

A Bedtime Poem:

I'm about to go to rest
I shall begin to get undressed
The cold crisp air is flying sharp
I hear it dance upon a tarp
But that does not deter me from
The sleep that is about to come
The sleep that shall come over me
A blanket warm and blankety
I'll lie my head on foam or feather
And think not of the chilly weather
Instead I'll think of counting sheep
And they will lead me to my sleep


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