Thursday, December 15, 2005


Tookie Williams was recently killed by California on Death Row. This is a topic that lots of comedians, bloggers and commenator types have been writing about and discussing now for several days. Many of you may or may not know the details of the story, but from what I understand, Tookie, purportedly a co-founder of the Crips, was incarcerated for killing four people in a robbery/murder in Los Angeles. While in jail, he had turned his life around and had contributed to society in a myriad of ways, including writing books deterring children and teens and people of all ages from getting involved in gangs, and he created a protocol to help gangs to call truces, and was otherwise trying to give back to the world to make up for what he took from it. Stanley "Tookie" Williams was murdered by the State of California a few days ago, after serving many years in jail.

People keep asking me my opinion on all of this, and even though it is a few days old, I feel as a comedian and a blogger and a person in America who reads the news, I should have a take on Tookie Williams, and so here it is:

It doesn't have any affect on me or my life in any way, what-so-ever.


Mark Daley said...

Let's hear it for apathy!

Jessica Delfino said...

I have sympathy for him. I also have sympathy for the people he killed and for their families. I also have sympathy for the hundreds of people I hear about on the news in NYC on a daily basis. I also have sympathy for all my friends and my own family members struggling through life. And did I mention the sympathy I have for myself? I'm drowning in sympathy. If sympathy were dollar bills, at least I could pay my bills.