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*London Show Wrape Up
*What’s Next for Jessica Delfino?
*My Upcoming Shows
*Naughty Nautical Nite Updates & Next Show Oct. 2 Haunted High Seas
*The Treasure Trove – People, Places and Things I Love: featuring Dame Darcy’s new book release, “Gasoline” and a few other sweet trinkets



My Dirty Folk Rock show at the Soho Theatre was a great adventure, complete with two sold out nights, a critics’ pick and rave preview in Time Out London and a nice review in London’s METRO paper. I did some fun radio shows – in London I can sing my songs on the radio!! I met some new friends, was given a pair of awesome red roller skates by a fan (and now friend) named Rupert whom I chanced upon at a vintage store on Brick Lane and spent quality time in Hackney, the Bushwick of London.

Daniel Michael opened the show for me and was a great help in the whole orchestration of the shindig, as was Alex Smith who photographed and documented the whole tour (awesome), and my friends Marisa Carnesky and Simon Casson for their hospitality, the whole Soho Theatre crew and others who know who they are. (David Goo, Nina, Geo...etc.)

Other awesome highlights of the trip were performing at Duckie, a fight I got into with a doorman named Shazam all Amy Winehouse style and running into the band Buddyhead on the street in front of The Black Gardenia.

If you have any photographs or newspaper clippings / reviews / video / links of my show at The Soho Theatre in London, please email me at

You can see pictures and read all about my London adventures and sold out shows here:
(starts with the latest entry and goes to earliest)

A thank you postcard for William Donahue

So what’s next for Jessica Delfino? Great question.



A new show in the works

I’ve got some shows coming up and am working on a new collection of ribaldity that is so new, the catalog of disturbing goodies doesn’t even have a name yet. But trust me. It’s gonna make you have mixed feelings about freedom of speech. And it should make you laugh, either with joy or a tinge of that “wrong inside” feeling. And hopefully a little bit of both. I need a video editor for this show. I will also need a cooking assistant and a variety of colorful characters. If you are a video editor or know a video editor, or if you are a colorful character, please email me at



Come join the filthy, dirty fun.

Monday, Sept. 22nd:
Rasp Thorne’s Last Hurrah
@ Zebulon, 10 PM
Wythe at N. 3rd, Williamsburg Bkln

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd:
Inner Monologues, 7 PM
@ Bar on A, 170 Ave A at 10th St. NYC

Tue, Sept. 30:
@ Lamp Post, 8 PM with
Ben Lerman, Jerk Practice and more
382 2nd Street , Jersey City, NJ

Thursday, Oct. 2nd:
Naughty Nautical Nite
@ Slipper Room, 9:30 PM
corner of Stanton and Orchard Sts.

Sunday, Oct. 5th:
Dirty Folk Rock (one hour show)
@ St. Lawrence Arts Center, 8 PM
with opening act Sheila Jackson
Portland, Maine

October 17th:
Freaks & Geeks Comedy Show
@ Comix, 14th St. at 9th Ave as part of the
Hysterical Comedy Festival, 8 PM
With Desiree Birch, Carla Rhodes and other treats

Sunday, Oct. 26th:
Dirty Folk Rock (one hour show)
@ Sage Theater, 711 7th Ave, NYC
As part of the awesome Vagina Festival! Oct. 24-26th

That’s about it for shows for now. Check my myspace page for other show dates as they come up!

me and my hair, hanging out in a british cemetery



DVD Distribution Deal
Dame Darcy and I have struck up a distribution deal with Warner Brothers to distribute a DVD version of “The Best Of Dame Darcy & Jessica Delfino at Naughty Nautical Nite” – we’re very excited about this and will have more details as they arise.

Next Show: Haunted High Seas Oct. 2nd
Speaking of rising, get your ass up and over to the next Naughty Nautical Nite on Oct. 2nd, featuring a wild array of characters, sailors, pirates, mermaids, sea captains, sirens, long shoremen and what have you. Celebrate the HAUNTED HIGH SEAS with us this month, at Naughty Nautical Nite and dress up as your favorite sea specter, ghoulish ocean critter or spooky beach bimbo. Scary!! Prizes will be given out for best costumes.

Thursday, Oct. 2nd
@ Slipper Room, 9:30 PM
with your hosts Dame Darcy & Jessica Delfino and a wild collection of nuts and bolts including sketchy comedy by Harvard Sailing Team, creepy sea songs by Captain Ronzo, burlesque by an assortment of spooky hotties, comedy, music, variety, craziness, costumes, variety and things so demented we haven’t even thought of them!
$5!!! For all the fun

NNN casting call
We are always looking for nautical themed acts, mad men and women, DJs, photographers, grilled cheese sandwich makers, mermaids, sailors, silly heads and tech hands to join the wild times. Please email us at if this is you.

New (updated) NNN Myspace Page
Look us up at our new, updated myspace page:

Our myspace page now features new great Video of NNN:
Get a sneak peak of the awesome times here, special thanks to videographer extraordinaire Mike Tapp. (Note: this video is SO beautiful and SO ENTERTAINING!! And I’m not just saying that. Featuring Pegasus Panties, Get Your Summer Beach Bod Ready, Ben Lerman, Lopi Laroe, Dame Darcy & Jessica Delfino, Circles For Hearts and more!)

If you can’t access myspace for some reason, you can also see it here:

Story about NNN by someone who survived to tell the tale
Fresh-faced NY Press writer Justin Richards joined forces with Naughty Nautical Nite for an evening, made it through the storm and wrote about it.

Read his story here:

Sept. 19th
It came and went, but for those of you who celebrate one of our favorite holidays, if you have any fun photos or stories to tell us, please email us at and we may feature them on our site or in the next newsletter...

NNN’s favorite Nautical Character of the month:
This ice-cream cake whale is a delicious, not-so-nutritious way to get away with eating seafood for those of us who are vegetarians and opt not to chew on our face-having friends. Mmmmm…taste the guilt-free goodness. We love Fudgie the Whale! -- (no it’s not a german poopy porno site)


People, Places and Things I Love, Hot Tips, Cool Shit, etc.


I’m a big fan of Dame Darcy’s and have been ever since I met her when we
toured together on Lisa “Suckdog” Crystal Carver’s “Drugs Are Nice” book tour. Pick up Darcy’s awesome MeatCake comic (a new one just hit the swarvy deck) and check this out:

Dame Darcy’s new graphic novel GASOLINE is being released now!
Visit to pre-order yours and see related events in LA and NYC and more details associated with the book release. AND SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, Nov. 6th we’re having a huge GASOLINE blow out as part of Naughty Nautical Nite.

$500, SUBLET Artists Studio
Amazing art studio for share with really nice, fun, creative, female artist! Lots of light, your own individual space and beautiful big easel and worktables to use. Ideally looking for another painter but other creatives are welcome.

Studio space is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY by the Graham L stop. We are looking for someone to sublet Oct. Nov. and Dec. We won't be using the space much because we will have gallery shows running through these months, so you'd have the place to yourself most of the time. We are open to continuing to share the studio when we return. You can keep working there next year too upon discussion.

Walking distance to L train. Graham Stop. Artist's Work Space Only.
Showing now! $500. super affordable, all utilities included. Beautiful large Space.
Again this is an Artists workspace only, No Living, Thanks!
 Contact Dame Darcy at


…is what happens when you combine TVcarnage and Street Boners.
This awesome website brought to you by Derrick Beckles of TV Carnage / those crazy assed TRUTH commercials and Gavin McInness of VICE MAGAZINE is one of the greatest websites in existence. It’s funny, rude and just all around great reading material, especially the Street Boners. I’m a contributor to the site now, which means I’m probably going to get punished by God now. Great.



I’m a fan and friend of Victor Varnado, but also this show sounds like it’s going to be really fun and awesome. So go. About the show:

The Awkward Kings of Comedy, a new standup documentary, is taping live in New York City. The film will showcase four African-American comics whose work expands the genre of black comedy while it presents each comic's distinct and very nerdy point of view.

Awkward comedians Victor Varnado (Late Night with Conan O'Brien, My Name is Earl), Hannibal Buress (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Live at Gotham), Eric André (Live at Gotham, HBO's Aspen Comedy Festival) and Baron Vaughn (Damn Yankees, Live At Gotham) will show the world jokester misfits are to be laughed at on their own terms.

Shows FREE with reservation: To reserve, email
kings [at] supreme robot [dot] com or call (800) 521-4205 (be sure to specify which show: 6:00 or 8:30. limit 4 tickets. Please leave email if calling)

Awkward Kings
Tuesday, Sept. 23rd
Bleecker Street Theater, 45 Bleecker St.
Early show 6 PM, Later show at 8:30
with after party somewhere


This festival is a lot of fun – a collection of “bad” plays and musicals – bad as in naughty or bad as in just ridiculous. Submit your play – the festival gets huge audiences and is a great time. Check the website for submission details. They’ll be posted soon. Read the guidelines and fill out the application here:


Damnation Alley
A 70’s apocalyptic film based on a science-fiction short story by Roger Zelazny. One of my favorite comedians, Kevin Maher, will be showing the film for all of our viewing pleasure.

More about Damnation Alley:

See it!
Saturday, Sept. 27th
7 PM / $7
@ Under St. Marks
St. Marks (8th St.) at 2nd Avenue
94 St. Marks bet. 1st and Ave A



That’s right…it’s official. There’s now a festival, celebrating vaginas. In NYC. I’ll be performing my show “Dirty Folk Rock” as part of the festival.
Festival dates are October 24-26 and the festival takes place at Sage Theater.

Come celebrate (the vagina and the festival) at the Vagina Festival reception!

Vag Fest Party
@ Lolita Bar, corner of Broome and Allen Sts.
7 PM
For more information about the festival:



Or anything else you’ve got kicking around.
I work in the format of nail polish and glitter. Looking for some pizzazz and zing? I will glam up any instrument or article of clothing you’ve got laying around.

Email me at

my axe


That’s all for now bs and gs…see you in November!!!



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