Monday, September 15, 2008

DIARIES FROM THE (wrong side of the road) V:


It's been a super huzzah of a time here in the city that gets plenty of rest, as opposed to my home city, NYC, the city that never sleeps, but now that time has come to an end. My closing show was the best one of them all. Not only did it sell out but the audience was amazing. After the show we went to a great party called Stranger Than Paradise that was reminiscent of NYC's Rubulad where I hung out with the sweet and sassy Dame Amanda and an awesome and crazy gypsy 9 piece band from Canada called Blackberry Wood. I made so many new friends on my trip and didn't lose my wallet (yet) get pick-pocketed (yet)
or spend too much money (I still have to turn in my pounds which will actually make me money since they turn into almost 2 for one to dollars...)

I loved staying in Hackney with Marisa Carnesky (go see her Ghost Train in Blackpool) and in Stockwell with Simon from Duckie (go hang out at his show at Vauxhall Tavern next Saturday night) and I will miss London, as I did last time I left this polite, smart, fashionable city. But I am a little homesick, I must admit -- I miss my dirty NYC. It matches my personality pretty well. There's a reason 16 million people hang out there on a daily basis.

Thank you list:

Thank you so much to Alex on camera making me look and feel like a rock star and for tour support, help, merch, and doing everything you could to make the work seem like play, Chris on tech who worked his little butt off, Daniel Michael for his opening comedy introduction, Steve, Jenny, Nick and everyone at the Soho Theatre for making me feel welcome and well taken care of, Nancy Poole for doing an awesome job with PR, David Goo for looking out for me and helping with the show, Ollie for the ride back to Hackney, Geo for video taping, Nina for your help too, David McSavage for being fun and insane like me, Mike and Amanda for extra gigs and fun times, Ollie, Sarah and my other friends who came out to say hi, Loudmouth Records Evan and Dan for your support, Rupert for the AWESOME roller skates (!), Marisa Carnesky and Simon Casson for your generosity and comfortable accommodations and to everyone who came out to the show, bought tickets, laughed, cursed me, reviewed the show, loved it, hated it, bought CDs and tee shirts and rape whistles, bought me drinks afterwards, gave me advice and made me feel like I've actually done something important with my life and not just assembled a filthy collection of jokes and dirty folk rock. Also, anyone I forgot.

You've all helped to make my crazy feral dreams come true!!

I do hope to return soooon. It was suggested to me that I come back to The Soho Theatre and move to the bigger stage since I sold the 80 seater out. So I'm gonna get to work on THAT.

Shit list: American Airlines, Shazam who works the door at the bar next to Soho Theatre, that other asshole (you know who you are).

David Goo on stage at Cross King's Pub

Good bye everyone!! Bye bye!! New York, get my bed ready, please.

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