Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's nice every once in a while to sit back and pout. Now that that's over with, I'm back with some cool updates. I actually have a lot of stuff to write about today.

SKITS'N'TITS, the show I co-produce with Diane O'Debra and Steph Sabelli is having its 1 year anniversary and holiday bash tomorrow, Wed. Dec 9th at 10 PM. We're being sponsored by Kong Magazine so there will be free gift bags with special contents. Listen to me -- LADIES -- you want to get there early to get your hands on one of these gift bags!

The show, as always, is at 308 Bowery at 1st St.

This month, featured guests include: comedy by Des Bishop, Victor Varnado, Liam McEneaney, Ross Hyzer, Nicky Sunshine, Milton Katz, Mike Amato and others, music by Juggernut at midnite, sketches and videos by the Skits Chicks, Diane, Steph and myself, burlesque by The ChiChiones and Julie Atlas Muz and Minnie Tonka. Craftermath punk craft brigade will be selling their alternative material wares. Uncle Shappy hosts. Stage managed by Daniella LaBocca. All for FIVE dolla. TOMORROW WED DEC 9. Be there!

Risk Show Podcast

Kevin Allison of "The State" sketch show has a great pod cast / stage show called "RISK" which has comedians telling stories of depravity and amusement for your benefit. I recently told a story on the "AWFUL JOBS" episode (the most recent episode) about how I go-go danced my way through college, and how it all went down. You can download RISK on I-tunes FOR FREE. You can also check out the website here at http://risk-show.com/.

F. Scott Schafer is an amazing, amazing man and photographer. Don't believe me? Check out his supa killa website featuring tons of celeb comedians, movie stars, athletes and more. Check out "Portfolio Lite" to see gorgeous pix of Larry David, Flight Of The Concords, Mike Myers, Sarah Silverman and many more in amazing photos -- some you've seen, and some you've never seen before.

I bring this up because I was honored to be shot by him recently in a very cool little video he filmed for a band called "Lucero".
You can see the video here on Vimeo. See if you can spot me playing my flying V pink ukulele!

Last night we had a video crew reunion and we all went to Mercury Lounge to catch this really cool band called Jeff The Brotherhood who opened up for Ted Leo the other night (who I was on the bill with at the Latitude Festival this past summer). They were amazing! I strongly suggest catching this bro duo in the act. One plays drums like a mad muppet, the other plays a 3 stringed guitar like Black Sabbath. They're pretty great.

And in closing, a story of adventure. On Sunday, I was thrilled to be part of the Roger & Dave's 2nd Annual Complete Beatles on Ukulele. It was so much fun. It was at Brooklyn Bowl, which is a bowling alley / rock club. I really like that place, I'd never been there before. I hosted the show from 6-8 and had some awesome run-ins, one was with an ex-lead singer of Tower of Power - Brent Carter, and ex-Blender editor Rob Tannenbaum (who once wrote about me that I was "the Joan Baez of vagina songs" ). It was pretty awesome to meet both of them, as they both represent some interesting times in my life.

Brent Carter, ex-Tower of Power singer

Of course these photos are super dark because I took them with my fancy I-phone which, for some reason, though it cost $300, didn't come with a flash on the phone (though my old Samsung phone which cost about $50 did) but don't get me started...!

Rob Tannenbaum, ex-editor of Blender

(it was a real night of exes)

The show was amazing. I especially enjoyed meeting and seeing Jessie Murphy In The Woods, below. They were terrific!

(isn't that stage amazing? and how about the ladies on it?)

Anyway, now for the adventure part. I grabbed a slice of pizza before I hopped on the L at Bedford, then the train came right away and I didn't have time to eat it and I didn't want to be that gross person mowwing down on a greasy slice on the subway. I was GOING to transfer to the F, but I was so excited to eat the pizza that I hopped off at 1st St, and then realized I had to get a bus on Ave A if I wanted to get home. Jeez. So I went to the bus stop and waited, delightfully eating my pizza as I walked (it was soooo good). But I realized the next bus wasn't coming for half an hour, and I could walk home in that time. So I walked down Ave A and pizza'd myself, along the way. As I meandered, I saw a $10 bill floating in the breeze and I got very excited, because I LOVE free money. Also, by the way, I have a gift -- a knack if you will, for finding free money. I ALWAYS find cash on the street, always, all the time. But that's an entry for another time.

So I bent down to pick it up, and when I did, I saw a really nice (probably expensive too) red Prada wallet lying right next to it. So I picked up the wallet and started pawing through it to find ID, credit cards and $50 more cash, in addition to the tenner. PLUS a BLANK CHECK. I knew whoever lost this wallet was really gonna want it back. As I walked, it was reallllly cold, and I still had a ways to go. I thought about my options. I had just found $10 and a wallet fulla cash on the ground. I considered taking the $10 I found and getting a taxi home. I mean, after all, the ten was on the ground, not in the wallet. And perhaps it'd be a nice reward for doing the right thing and returning the wallet. But my conscience kept me from doing that. A few moments after I'd made my decision not to um, borrow $10 for a taxi, I found myself standing directly in front of a bus stop and the bus was pulling up, OFF SCHEDULE, like a magic reward bus sent from God. I got on the bus and used my transfer, taking me almost to my door step for free.

While on the bus, I typed the wallet gal's name into FB to see if it came up. It did! So I sent her a message and told her I found her wallet. She came and got it, and all is right in the world again. She even gave me a reward for returning her wallet, which was really sweet of her to do. I almost felt guilty accepting a reward, because I was just doing the right thing. But after a tiny bit of resistance, I just let her. Because I'm nice. So I want people to be happy. And if rewarding me brings people joy, then so be it. That's how I roll. And that brings my adventure to a close. The end.

OK that's all for now, hope to see ya tomorrow night at Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, 10 PM!!

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