Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So I got this strange email today from this lady who said that I do a lot of great work to
encourage small business, which, thanks for noticing, is true. I do support indie everything,
from businesses to shows to crafts to what have you.

She also sent me a mocking cute video of an omnipotent "Big Business" thanking me for
all my support, for without me, they couldn't dump poison in the waters and what have
you. This is true too, except that in some cases we don't have a choice but to support
big business, or at least, not an easy choice.

I would post the video here, but I couldn't find a way to embed it onto my blog. If there
was one, it wasn't clear how I could do it. I'm a child of the 70s and the internet and
technology are still kind of foreign and wild to me.

NOTE: The expression "turkey" came from when the pilgrims got off the Mayflower and
saw the first turkey on land. They called it a "turkey" because it was so unusual looking
and weird they said it looked like something they would see in a far off, crazy country,
such as Turkey.

So yes, the internet and technology are like "turkey" to me. In some ways.

Anyway, as always, support independent businesses. For the holidays and birthdays, buy gifts at indie craft
fairs. You'd be shocked and amazed at some of the terrific crafts that people make by
hand, and indie shops and craft fairs are popping up everywhere. A few great examples are below:


GORGEOUS decorated tiles and cards by Janet Restino -- these images do not do these pieces justice

For the bike rider in your life -- VERY COOL indie made HELMETS

Beautiful hand made Jewelry by Sarah Sparkles

Beautiful hand made gloves by Lamia Designs (note: most of these gloves are made of leather - I'm not a huge leather fan, but I am a huge Lamia fan)

Orchard Street's Ale Et Ange is the coolest store I've ever seen -- all the clothing, men and ladies, is made by hand. These clothes range on the more expensive side $200+ for a shirt or pair of pants) but are amazing and worth it.

SkitsNTits (I had to put this shameless plug in here) -- This show, which tonight at 10 PM celebrates it's 1 year anniversary, boasts comedy, burlesque, drink specials, sketches, videos, gift bags and more for a mere $5. Top THAT, comedy clubs. Oh, and TONITE, we will be showcasing several very unique handmade crafts on the roving craft brigade "CRAFTERMATH" table. So come pick up some indie gifts tonight!

OK that's it for now. In a nut shell, support small and local businesses WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Buying locally also reduces your carbon footprint because bigger business ships all their wares in from far, far away.

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