Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Charmin didn't hire me to be a toilet entertainer, but they sure had no problem lifting
my jingle to play in their poop house!

from a listener of my friends podcast, "KEITH AND THE GIRL":

Hi Keith and Chemda,
I went to that Charmin giant bathroom center in Times Square today and
I saw the girl who was on your show with the pink ukulele when i was
peeing. She was singing on the tv in the bathroom. It was fun.


Can you believe it!? I'm not sure what it means that they saw me on the TV in the bathroom, but I visited the website and right on the front page is an audition video, featuring a segment of yours truly's audition. I'm guessing this is the video they play in the Times Square terlet.
But where they play just snippets of other people's songs, they play almost my ENTIRE song.

AS USUAL -- regular readers of my blog have seen me write this before, I don't know when these companies are
going to catch on and start hiring me to write unforgettable, brain attaching jingles that just won't let go, something
I can do IN MY SLEEP -- I will just wait for my royalty check to come once this song becomes a commercial
but, it'll probably get lost in the mail. I mean, seriously. They pay advertising companies hundreds of thousands to
come up with songs and commercials and ideas and they could pay me a fraction of the cost and I'd be happy, and
everyone would love the songs I'd write. It's a no brainer.

Hey Charmin, buy that song! I can write more like it, too. Or hire me to come to Times Square and play my ukulele. You obviously like my work. Email me at and let's talk BIZ.

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