Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Days In The Life of...

I don't have too much exciting news today, unless by "news", you mean opinions and observations, dribbled out onto the internet like I just had a dental procedure done and can't help myself. But then again with the news these days, what's the difference between that and my drool? Zing zang and zung. Today, all I've got for you is a recap of my week. Boring? Maybe. Maybe not. You be the judge. No, go ahead. Judge me. I can take it.

On Tue I hung out with an old (she's like 30 something) friend from Texas who used to live in NYC. We met up for nibbles at Vanessa's, the greatest LES dumpling hole in the wall since holes and walls began. We tossed back a few soups and some sesame pancakes, (always delicious, always wicked cheap) then went over to yet another release party for KONG Magazine at Happy Ending. There was a raffle, a sex toy was given away (a rabbit), I won it. Last night, I was asking my bf if he wanted to try it out, and he was absolutely horrified. He said, it's basically just doing my job. And I thought about it and he was right. The wily el rabbitos have been coming to America and taking all the American men's jobs. No wonder men are such big cry babies all the time.

Anyway, a bunch of pals came out to the mag party (there was an open bar but it was this gross sake that wasn't even very strong, and I know, because I drank like 8 of them and walked out of the place an hour later in a straight line). We all hoofed it over to Slipper Room to see Seth Herzog's SWEET show (my Tuesday night mainstay, as of late) and it was packed and awesome fun.

Yesterday I was a model for an upcoming Time Out NY story which I'm very excited about, that's supposed to hit the stands in early Feb. While I was there, a group of friendlies such as Julie Lamendola from the band Ching Chong Song and Phoebe Croix and some other folks I know from Sidewalk Cafe started setting up instruments and performing a live concert in the middle of Time Out NY. It was pretty strange and wonderful. Apparently they shoot shows there once a week. I saw Noah Tarnow, host of Big Quiz Thing who I haven't seen in ages but know from the old days of Collective Unconscious in the Lower East Side, and Jay Ruttenberg who I know through some old pals, the Trachtenburgs. The show was really great and I'm glad I got to see a few songs before I had to jet out the door for my Skits'N'Tits business meeting.

At the meeting, we discussed putting together a web series, and what our new sketches would be for the Wed Jan 13 show. We have a TERRIFIC surprise for that show which is so good, we are not even allowed to share what it is, but TRUST US, you MUST see this show. After the rehearsal, I performed at the always fun INNER MONOLOGUES story show, made a new neighbor friend, sold some of my subversive holiday ornaments and came home to a hot dinner, prepared and waiting for me to inhale.

Life is good, sometimes.

Today I work on building my new office.

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