Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Mellow Tuesday Afternoon at a Coffee Shop 
in the East Village, NYC,
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It's about 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday and I'm listening to a little Phil Collins as I sit at this coffee shop in the East Village. Comedian friend Jena Friedman and I are hangin' out and talkin biz. If you are familiar with Jena, you know why this dark and twisted lady and I are friends. If you are not familiar with her, check out this dating video she put on her Youtube page: 

What a pip!

My mom is on Facebook now, thank goodness! I was hoping someone would write slightly 
embarrassing paragraph long facebook updates describing me as her child. Here's her most 
recent Facebook update:

Looking to do a small bathroom remodel. I believe the three stooges "country cousins" were just here to give a quote. They walked in circles and into one another. Scratched their heads. Slapped eachother's faces with wet mops...not really. Heavy southern drawls, cowboy hats and boots, one set of teeth between them, and one was missing all the fingers from both hands. That one flirted with me the whole time. Sweet.

She's funny! And smart, too. And apparently, according to her FB page, "single" I 
just found out! Friend my mom on Facebook here, or if you're a handsome, sane 
guy in the Northern Florida area, take her out on a date. She looks great and is 
young-spirited and fun. If you friend her, tell her you're a friend of mine in the message. Let's see how many new friends we can get my mom!

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