Monday, March 29, 2010


I don't get them too often, but when I do, they're always a discouraging let down. I got an email today that said "the music curator team has decided to pass on my music at this time" and "As a policy, they choose not to discuss these matters on why they pass on certain albums."

What a bummer.

If you listen to Pandora and you'd like to hear my subversive music on there, be sure to let them know! If it's a matter of songs that are "too dirty" I have clean songs like "I Wanna Be Famous", "Vermont" and others. 

Email and demand that Jessica Delfino Dirty Folk Rock hits get played on Pandora. We have power in numbers. If you want radio to stay mundane, do nothing. If you'd like to jazz the world up a bit, send this email which will take 20 seconds to do. 

If you're not sure what to write, just copy and paste this, or make adjustments to it: 

Dear Pandora: 

I'm a Pandora listener, and I want to hear Jessica Delfino's music on Pandora. Please ask your music curators to reconsider playing her music, especially "A SONG IN PARTICULAR THAT YOU LIKE"

Thank you, 

Thanks and happy listening, whatever you may be listening to.

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