Monday, March 29, 2010

SHOWS on Mon & Tue, New VIDEO Up,
I was in a MOVIE

Monday night I'm performing at Laughs at Giulia Rozzi's Laughs at Luca at Luca Lounge at 8:30, 222 Avenue B (between 13th/ 14th streets) in Manhattan. There is free pizza so you better bring your appetite. Tuesday you can catch me over at Parkside Lounge at 8 PM as part of Book Club Burlesque. 

My friend Raul posted this video from the last Skits'N'Tits online of me singing "My Pussy Is Magic" live, featuring a few super hot back up singers. Check it out! If you like it, share it and sing it really loudly at work. 

I was hired to play a part in a real live movie the other day. Here is a photo from the film. No, it wasn't a period piece, no, I wasn't portraying Bettie Page, no, it wasn't a dominatrix film, and it was totally PG rated. I was "a model dressed up as a pin up girl" having her photo taken in a very unusual way, which you will see if you see the movie. It's a slightly spicy photo, so don't show it to my mom. I spent a good part of the morning hiding in the dressing room because I was so embarrassed to come out with my ta tas and my ba donka donk all hangin' out, but the camera crew and other actors on the film were so encouraging and complimentary that I felt comfortable in no time. 

Oops, this film is still under wraps and this photo might be a secret, so don't show it to anyone! ;) I'll keep you posted when the movie is supposed to hit the streets. 

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