Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life Update
like, in case you care or give a rat's hind quarters or whatever

Website update -- shows updated, bio updated, new header pic

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My "New songs / Song Of The Month" from last night:
* the 'newish' "I'm Italian & That's What We Do" &
* "Saving All My Love For You" cover, (originally by Whitney Houston)
click below to play, and watch EVERY MONDAY NIGHT @ 10:30 PM at
www.nyctalentshow.com or live at 308 Bowery @ Bleecker, NYC.

*To join the "Song of the Month" club, email jessdelfino at yahoo dot com
subject: Song of the Month, and get emails about new songs and my
new CD currently being recorded.

See you on the bright side of the poon

1 comment:

Jessica Delfino said...

The audio for this video gliched and does not work. I'm so sorry -- it was a great set and I'm sad I can't share it. But there will be a new one NEXT MONDAY so be there, cyber-ly or really.