Monday, September 20, 2010


I got up "early" this morning and took a stroll through the lower east side, stopping at Whole Foods to grab some cat grub and then at the Christie Street whole sale beer joint to browse craft ales. Memo to marketing companies - I am not to proud to place your product / location here. It is a lovely day and the weather is nice, not quite cold, though you can feel fall nibbling at your heels ready to come in and assume it's rightful position as boss of the climate for the next few months.

Do you think it's going to be a cold winter? I ride my bike all winter long so it's always cold for me. I have a few pairs of those glove warmer thingies all ready.

This afternoon, I will shoot a video with friends at a nearby art gallery, then head uptown to rehearse for Refugee Girls Revue, which is getting really close. Just a few more rehearsals, then I will be able to return to the Monday Night Rendezvous comedy show I do with Shane Webb and Myka Fox at Bar on A, every Monday at 8, free. Stop in tonight and say hello. Ask them if you can have my free drink ticket since I won't be using it.

Later, I'll be at Bowery Poetry Club for Diane O'Debra and Victor Varnado's NYC Talent Show, where I'll try out a new song (very dirty) and hang with some pals I haven't seen in a bit. Come have a drink with me there, your treat, to make up for my free drink ticket you used at Bar on A.

Wanna make a video / project together? Email me. The fall brings out my collaborative spirit. I'm also looking to put together a band of sorts and find some new fun sounds.

Scrotums and scabies forever,

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