Monday, August 29, 2011

Songwriter 4 Hire

Songwriter for hire. Lewd, lascivious, hilarious, knows what a "hot carl" is. All genres + projects considered. Email jess delfino at gmail dot com.

Simply put -- I write songs. I write dirty songs, clean songs, clean dirty songs, dirty clean songs. I write songs for kids, songs about kids, songs that disrespect kids. Songs that are so dirty your grand mother would love them if she was Betty White or hate them if she was Tammy Faye Baker.

I write songs about milfs, fupas, sausage fests and other urban dictionary vernacular. I can turn songs over fast. I use instruments such as guitar, ukulele, singing saw, auto harp and glockenspiel, as well as electronic elements. I record onto GarageBand using a very fancy Intel iMac with a Rode condenser mic and M-Audio recording interface. I have a sweet set up.

I can write songs for your commercial, songs for your movie, songs for your band, songs for your party, songs for your wedding, songs for your funeral, songs for your cup cake eating competition, songs for your perverted book release party, songs for your grand father's 90th birthday.

I can play songs live, solo, with a band or just give you a CD.

I will work with your budget.

Without being a big fat name dropper, I have written songs for famous people's movies and projects and sung my songs on TV and radio shows.

A blurry example of above mentioned nameless persons

I have been hired by large corporations to produce music based events and shows.

I have been flown around the world to perform in festivals and sold out events and was paid a lot of money to be there.

Now, doesn't this sound like fun?

For more information and samples, google me, or email me at jess delfino at gmail dot com.

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