Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dirty Folk Rock Fashions

There are those people out there who try to do it all. There is an expression about them. It goes, "Jack of all trades, master of none". I am one of those jacks.

I love to do a lot of different things, due to an acute case of ADD, and one hobby I enjoy is collecting vintage finds at thrift stores. I often wear them on stage, or just swoop them up to add to my massive collection. Call me a hoarder if you like, names don't hurt me. The truth is, my family has a touch of the 'horde', but somehow I manage to keep my dis(h)order under control.

One thing I like to do is have little "yard sales" in front of my apartment building in NYC. Every so often, the cops come and kick me back inside, but not before I've sold off literal arm loads and bags full of clothing to my bargain hunting neighbors. This summer I did pretty well, but I was gone a lot, so I didn't get as much wheeling and dealing in as I'd hoped to.

Another such way I like to relieve myself of my various thrift store gems is eBay. Recently, I started posting some of my wares, and I'd like to share the lot with you. Feast your eyes on this large 60s navy blue swiss dot dress, this cowboy hat, and a couple of floral vintage 80s dresses.

The clothes and shoes I choose have some interesting story to them; most are vintage, all are unique in some way. Many of them I wear or have worn on stage somewhere in the US or overseas. I call them "Dirty Folk Rock Fashions" and even have made a cute label for them.

I must admit I have a pretty impressive closet / collection of vintage finds. And now I want to get rid of them, please. Thanks for looking.

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