Monday, September 5, 2011

+ JD on Curb Your Enthusiasm (huzzah)

I spent the weekend in PA and NJ doing family stuffs. I saw my mom and some other family members. One fun thing I did was drive to the 'burbs with my friend in his rickety Jeep that he's had for about 15 years (since high school) for a family birthday party. Once there, I played ukulele and guitar with some family friends and we all sang together cumbaya style, for hours. It was actually a lot of fun, as corny or nerdy as it may sound.

We also went to a flea market and I tried to buy a ukulele off a guy who I think was a Vietnam vet, or at least he had that look in his eye and in his facial hair. He was talking to himself with fervor and angst when I arrived at his table, and tried to sell me one of his ukuleles for $70 which are sold on for $40 a piece. When I offered him $100 for all three, he went all POW MIA on me and I evacuated the premises with a swiftness normally reserved for emergency situations. I almost felt sorry for him for being such a lunatic, I mean, crazy people have to make a living too, right? Except that he yelled at me with such zest, a man nearby had to actually intervene, probably because he wouldn't sleep well after seeing a woman get punched by a demented ex-soldier. Who would? Besides, say, one of those Gaddafi-esque world leaders out there.

I also met a cool looking 92 year old woman who didn't look a day over 65. I tasted some ghost pepper chocolate which nearly made me crap myself, and I found a pair of vintage gloves in a garbage pile.

A friend tagged me in a photo he took from his TV last night of me in the background of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I normally don't do background work but I couldn't say no to CYE. They paid us really well, fed us lobster and I got to meet Larry David in an encounter that was even more awkward than I always imagined it would be. The camera people seemed to mess a thing or two up, because Larry is looking in one direction and the rest of the crowd is looking in another. Oopsies.

I've been watching this great TV show "Peep Show" at night before bed for the past few weeks. It's responsible for my poor performance at work and for my renewed devil-may-care attitude. I strongly suggest you all watch it on this instant.

In other news, I have about 15 mosquito bites on my legs after my recent Jersey trip, and I ate Thai food for dinner for what I think makes the third time in 6 days. It's been a good week.

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