Saturday, September 10, 2011

"The Lower East Side Queen of Obscene"
...and Short Notice
+ Ukuleles Are Fun mp3

I have a few friends who often give me guff about always inviting them to shows at the last minute. "Why can't you give me a few days notice?", they ask. Well, it's because a few days ago, I was telling someone else about some other thing at the last minute, obviously. The Village Voice once called me the "Lower East Side Queen of Obscene" but what they meant to call me was the "Lower East Side Queen of Obscene and Short Notice". Ba-dump bump.

That being said, TONIGHT I am doing a few shows that I wanted to talk about. One is called "Forbidden Kiss" and it's a sex themed show at a lovely little theater in midtown. A nice woman runs it, it's kind of a "mom and pop" theater, but without the pop. She's a very interesting lady and the theater is quite nice. If you like to see how ambitious some people can be, come check out this theater, and of course, this show, tonight at 8 PM.

All info is in my calendar, I'll put it again here, now:

Saturday, Sept. 10
Forbidden Kiss
"A theatrical erotica show" aka
a naughty show about naughty stuff
Stage Left Studio
214 W. 30th St. 6 Fl.
8 PM

I'm also really excited to be part of this very interesting event called the "Manhattan Wonder Walk" that is a 14 hour long walk around the city of NY. I'll be surprising the walking crowd around 11 PM tonight somewhere downtown with a spontaneous performance. You can find more information about that here:

Saturday, Sept. 10
Wonder Walk NYC
All Day Sat, Various Locations
Check Website

So I guess that's about it for now. For those of you who read down this far, I'd like to reward you with a new song I wrote and uploaded to my ReverbNation page. It's PG rated!! What? Yes. But that's no reason for you not to enjoy it. I insist.

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