Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comedy Music Is No Longer A Homeless Person

That's right, comedy music now has a home. It now lives at "Calling All Twisted Minstrels and Comedy Musicians" which is a sister blog to this site at Post comedy music auditions and information there. Share your comedy music links and videos. This site is meant to alienate all other forms of comedy. COMEDY MUSIC ONLY.

Q: Can I post a sketch I wrote about bangin' my friend's mom? It's really funny but it doesn't have any comedy music in it.

Q: Can I post a video of me talking about Occupy Wall Street? It's really funny but it doesn't have any comedy music in it.

Q: Can I post a funny mp3 of a song I wrote about falling down the stairs?

Q: What if I play funny songs on guitar, ukulele, glockenspiel, french horn, dulcimer, piano, singing saw, trumpet, in the punk genre, to mock funny songs, in a foreign language, badly, was famous 20 years ago, etc?
A: GREAT. It is all welcome at the Twisted Minstrel Comedy Music blog.

Q: Why Twisted Minstrel?
A: Because I like it. Also, because there is going to be a comedy music festival of the same name. COMING SOON so stay "tuned", ya know, tuned, like a guitar you use to make comedy music.

Email everything comedy music to clef coda at gmail dot com. Clef will be handling all the Twisted Minstrel Blog needs.

What else? Well, thanks for asking. We also now have a Twitter page and a Facebook page.

Q: Damn, you move fast!
A: That's not a question, but thank you.

This community is for YOU, comedian musician, so please utilize it, add to it, share it, pass it on, comment, make suggestions and keep doing what you do, even if comedians think we're dorks and musicians hate our guts. Just remember: haters be hatin because they are jealzies. Jealzies of our luscious creative ambidextriousness.

Now get out there and make a YouTube video for your song that gets stuck in everyone's head at work for the next 4 days!

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