Thursday, December 22, 2011

Night of Dirty Songs
THIS SATURDAY (tomorrow) 12/24
9:30 PM @
Joe's Pub (425 Lafayette St.)

Saturday is really close, it's like, tomorrow by my calculations. That's Christmas Eve for those of you who have been hiding in caves, much like the way our ancestors and most reasonable crowd fearing and holiday wary types have done for centuries around Christmas time.

I'm excited and nervous about the show this Saturday. I'm feeling a tinge of the holiday blues but you guys will help me snap out of it on Saturday when I see your bright happy faces. Wait a minute, that's silly. You guys are probably as holiday blue as I am. What do I know, maybe you're super well adjusted. Ha! Right.

Someone called my songs "vulgar" today when we were chatting about the show which prompted me to ask, "Would you call Louis C.K. vulgar?" Because he is. He is terrifically deliciously vulgar, and I love every word of it. But when people describe him, I never hear the world vulgar come up...

Anyway - I have a new song I will be performing as well as 2 holiday songs from my Christmas CD. Plus, I have four amazing guests on the show, including Jena Friedman, Ben Lerman, Myq Kaplan and Rob Paravonian, plus a possible special guest or two. The show is going to be awesome, and I really appreciate that the NY Times plugged it, because they don't just plug any old show, and they plugged two shows in the Weekend Miser column, and one of them was mine. Either it was a slow week, or someone over there likes me, or there's some third option I haven't thought of, like the premise of Sirens of Titan, or something smart sounding like that.

OK, see you tomorrow at Joe's Pub. That's at 425 Lafayette St. in NYC. You can get your tickets online at the above link, or call 212-967-7555. Or buy them at the door tomorrow at 9ish PM. Bye! And hey, if I don't see you before the holidays, Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year. And Happy Festivus. And Happy Winter Solstice. And Happy Hanukkah. And Happy Kwanza. And Happy whatever else you celebrate.

***Need a last minute holiday gift? I recommend my different and fun Christmas CD full of original holiday songs (and one parody of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"). Fun for the whole family, even the kids, depending on the kind of parent you are. You can get it on iTunes or pick an actual old-timey CD up at the show tomorrow.***


Tiny Tim said...

I will be there. Is it OK if I dress up my penis like a reindeer?

Yours Truly said...

Yeah, that's fine with me, but just make sure that reindeer stays in "the barn" and by "the barn" I mean "your pants".

Sascha said...

Saw the show at Joe's Pub on Sat, it was a great time. Long live the "queen of obscene"